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14 December 2014    Once again, the Pattaya City Expats Club invites children from the Pattaya Orphanage to sing carols at one of their weekly meetings in December at the Tavern by the Sea Restaurant & Bar, Amari Orchid Resort Pattaya. The 50 singers/dancers perform their very best and, in return, receive a big applause from the audience and lovely gifts from Santa Claus. Grateful thanks to PCEC members for their constant support and the opportunity for Khun Toy to share news about our home. Wishing you all A Merry Christmas 2014 and Happy New Year 2015..
14 December 2014    Led by President Yutasilp Tayarachakul, 28 members of Lung Kong Association of Thailand spent their valuable time visiting and supporting the Pattaya Orphanage this weekend. Our guests learned more about our work, held our toddlers in their loving arms, and generously contributed one hundred thousand baht in support of our children’s education. With grateful appreciation to the Lung Kong Association of Thailand, we wish its board and members, their health as well as their loved ones and undertakings abundant blessings.. Have a pleasant trip and safe return to Bangkok..
14 December 2014    Once again, Ms. Jessica Glidewell and Mr. Mike Holtzman from U.S.A. visit the Pattaya Orphanage during their work trip in Thailand. They bring their local friends to experience the joy of sharing loving hugs with babies in our nursery. The party also contributes medicines, medical supplies, and snacks, for which we are very thankful. May each and every one of you be blessed in your life's journey. See you again..
13 December 2014    Many happy returns of the day to Mr. Kannaphong and young Nonthachawakon.. Members of the loving Sudthaphatthanon Family gather at the Pattaya Orphanage to celebrate the birthday anniversaries of their big guy and little guy. It’s a joyful occasion so our guests share their happiness with the children by visiting the toddlers and sponsoring a special meal for all the older children including the deaf. Thank you very much and best wishes to you all..
13 December 2014    Christmas is early at the Pattaya Orphanage when children in the 2014-2015 Catechism for Young Catholics (CYC) group at St. Nikolaus Church Pattaya, along with their parents, share their joy with our kids through carol singing, gifts, and refreshments. Members of our home sing their carols in return and everyone has a great time. Teachers May Amor Flores and Odette Brido lead the talented performers and their parents to visit our nursery and make donation in support of our work. Please accept our sincere thanks and best wishes for your friendship and constant support. May the spirit of Christmas inspire our daily lives.. Special thanks to Mrs. Marissa Macaraig for her kind coordination although she was unable to be with us this year. Have a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year 2015..
13 December 2014    Mr. Atthaphon Laenpanya and friends pay their visit to the Pattaya Orphanage this weekend. They kindly support our daily care for the kids with necessities and enjoy getting to know our work and members of our toddlers’ group. Please accept our grateful thanks and best wishes..
13 December 2014    For the first time this weekend, Ms. Chumrat Techasen and family shared their kind concern with children at the Pattaya Orphanage. Our guests visited our toddlers and made cash contribution towards the older ones’ education. Your presence and support are very much appreciated. May each new day bring you lots of joy, healthiness, and prosperity..
13 December 2014    With generous hearts, Ms. Anchalee Phongsap and her loved ones visited the Pattaya Orphanage over the weekend. They had a brief visit to our nursery and contributed various items including detergent, biscuits, and numerous sacks of rice grains towards the welfare of our children. Sincere appreciation to you all.. Wishing our benefactors abundant blessings..
13 December 2014    It’s the first time Ms. Pattamaphirat Banthanaset and friends visit the Pattaya Orphanage during their weekend in the area. Our guests make cash contribution in support of the school-aged kids and get to know the toddlers in our nursery. Khun Pattamaphirat also begins supporting young Khao-Poon. We are grateful for your time and generous hearts. Enjoy your stay and safe return to Bangkok..
13 December 2014    The loving family of Mr. Thanaphon Thampratheep visits the Pattaya Orphanage to support children in our care. How thankful we are to you all for the thoughtfulness towards the school-aged kids’ education. Blessings of joy, healthiness, and prosperity upon you and yours..

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